Sunday, April 16, 2006

Banner Program

We are in the process of implementing a new Banner Distribution System. Based on the phpAdsNew software project, we are going to start accepting banners from firms / web sites which will be distributed along with the various software packages we release / offer to the public.

With this exchange program, banners should get a well rounded exposure to various businesses and people looking to implement ecommerce sites. Our goals are to implement a program in which people will offer these banners on their sites in exchange we will add their banner which will be rotated through in displaying on many different sites.

Others who do not want to display our banners, will have the oportunity to purchase banner space based on various payment frequencies. This is hoped to help out the small business venturer, as well as the established online business. We distribute well over 10, 000 software packages yearly to various businesses which will display the banners, as well we distribute the banners throughout our various sites.

Feel free to enquire on this program, get in at the start for better deals, as we are sure the free exchange will not last forever, as we grow in our distrbution network. We want to offer an affordable alternative to the mass system google and many others offer, yet designed to give good exposure for various bussinesses.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Changes and Roadmap of the mall development

With the release of osCommerce MS3 just around the corner, we have concluded the changes we are going to implement into the last release of the version 4 serries. In the future, no major logic changes will take place, until we release version 5 which will be using the newest osCommerce logic (MS3).

After this point, we have not decided if we will continue following the osCommerce releases or move onto our own path completely. Some of our plans are to introduce other Open Source Projects into the mall system which are both better designed and more feature packed in our opinion, then what comes standard with osCommerce.

Some of the other Projects we are looking to include :


In our opinion, this tool far surpases the current banner management within osCommerce. We will be looking to streamline the inclusion so the mall admin has this additional tool for marketing the mall system and banner distribution.


An email management tool, with this tool, mass emails and email groups will be made more easily managed. We are looking at this as a better solution for the newsletters, product notifications etc that are sent, by both the mall admin and vendors within the mall system.

Additional changes within the system will be looked at. The inclusion of these other tools is thought to make the mall system more robust and feature filled, but kept in a managed level and friendly user interface. We want this system to have the functionality you would normally see in large project sites, but designed to be free to all. No more will only select companies with deep pockets have the monopoly of having a dynamic driven mall management system.

Currently our site is going to under go some logic improvements as well we are looking into a wholesale of various products, which will sold exclusively through our site. These additional products are in the home decore, but in the future we are going to expand this product line. Our hopes are to develop both a web site development company and offer products which maybe of interest to people already operating an online shop.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

The osCMall™ System

Developed as a fork from the osCommerce™ system. With so many forks available based on osCommerce™, all of them pretty much the same thing, loaded versions of the standard cart, I choosed to develop a different fork, one based on multiple vendors.
Using this as a basis for my development, the system implements many features not currently available with the stock osCommerce™, nor with many other forked carts out there. This system is designed with the vendor ease of use in mind and is always being updated and improved upon.

Started as a way to learn in in's and out's of osCommerce™. I have had a lot of fun and hair pulling in this process, but am glad I have stuck with it. The mall system is geared more as a way to complete with larger multi-vendor based systems and feel it is just starting to mature into a stable system ready for production.
As a GPL solution, there maybe issues with the system, but most of these are minor in nature, and are worked on as time permits. While this solution is not usable by many looking to venture into ecommerce, there are some who need a solution to offer a vendor based solution, where the site owner concentraites on marketing, while the vendor concentraites on product managememnt and order fulfilment.
For more information on the features and functionality of the system, and a demo, feel free to go to our demo site at: osCMall Demo.
To get the osCMall™ System for free, please go to our support site osCMall™ Support, create and account at our forums and then go to the download section to get the latest public release.
Conversely, the project is also available from Source Forge without the need to create an account.

We are in the process of remodeling the mall logic for the next release of osCommerce™ (MS3) and when the next version is available, you will find a system that will offer the functionality you would normally pay for, but all for free.